Social Media Auditing...

...Core package

This audit package is the best way to review what’s working and what’s not for your company’s social media. Providing you the chance to see the bigger picture and make informed improvements as a result. Our social media audit will take into account a wide array of metrics, all benchmarked against industry leaders in your field, analysed and produced to you in a handy, no-nonsense report.

Your Complete Digital Audit will see us investing our time and expertise into exploring your current digital landscape and producing a full analytic report with our findings. We will drill-down into the finer detail of your customer touchpoints with the use of a suite of online tools. Then once we have the raw data from each platform, we will consolidate it for across-the-board analysis, allowing us to also benchmark against our previous clients and industry leaders in your field.

Full Detailed Report
You will be provided with a comprehensive document outlining what your digital presence looks like in real terms, complete with easy to understand charts and graphs, outlining your metrics.
Strategic Feedback
Aside from highlighting your web performance, the in-depth report will also outline strategic feedback, advising actionable steps to generate more clicks, likes, traffic (dependent on the business model) to better your presence and performance online.
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