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What is vanilla?

Vanilla is a completely custom-built CMS (Content Management System), built and maintained by us, The Outstanding Website Company. Vanilla has been built using CodeIgniter MVC framework which is open source and ensures our clients aren’t vendor-locked, giving them freedom to move their website with them should they wish.

As part of our service, we offer our clients complete flexibility when choosing their CMS solutions to ensure that they are 100% happy with how their website will perform in the long run. For those who are keen to have a website built on a Wordpress CMS, we also offer that service as both Vanilla and Wordpress provide a powerful foundation to a website that’s built to last. However, the proof is in the pudding, with over 85% of our clients having chosen to use Vanilla as their content management system!

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What are the benefits of Vanilla?

While many people appreciate some of the benefits of working with Wordpress, we built Vanilla in order to navigate around some well-known issues such as plug-in limitations and ease of use. There are many advantages to having Vanilla as part of your website package, including:

  • Clients using Vanilla receive automatic plug-in and security updates via a central API (Application Program Interface). Your website will always be cutting edge!
  • Vanilla includes a WYSIWYG visual editor so you can edit ‘on the fly’, giving you the freedom to edit your website from both the front and back end both quickly and easily, seeing changes made in real time.
  • Built in SEO keyword calculator to help improve your Google ranking.
  • Added social media integration ensures your brand is in front of the right target markets at the right times. And so much more!

Please see the functionality comparison table for how Vanilla and Wordpress stack up side-by-side.

Vanilla Vs. Wordpress.

Content Areas

Your website will have several different layouts to choose from with over 100 different combinations, so you can customise as you please.

User Grouping

Create user group areas to your website, restricting access to the things that you want to display coupled with a secure login system.

Management Tables

When users have registered you can filter your users for marketing and / or communication purposes.

Management Levels

This can restrict your admin users to edit only the things that you choose.

Multiple Calendars

You can split and create as many calendars as you like, for example, creating individual events calendars etc.

Booking System

The ability to book courses online, and have the ability to show remaining places left on a course to encourage bookings.


You can have multiple image galleries wherever you choose on your site. These are fully responsive.

Form Builder

You’ll have the ability to custom build email forms, including questionaires quizzes and sign up forms.


A forum with moderation to allow members to ask and answer questions regarding product. Can also be utilised as FAQ section.


Multiple blog feeds allow you to create a main standard blog or any number of other categories and post them anywhere on your website.


An online directory system that can be used as a member directory (for example). This can be restricted by access based on the user group.

File Area

Allowing the admin users to upload important files, for example terms and conditions, and post them on to a given page.


The system has an E-commerce facility however this has to be customised on a client by client basis.

Pop-UP Panels

The system will have a facility to include pop-up panels to promote important news and events.


The system will include the basis of an Virtual learning Environment this will allow your users to login and view course materials etc this can be directly tied in to your current systems.

Online Payment

To accept payments for tuition, this will also tie into your exisiting systems automatically.


If I decide to move to a new digital agency, will it be an issue that my website is built with your Vanilla CMS?

Not at all, Vanilla is built using Open Source code which any web developer worth their salt will be able work with seamlessly.

I don’t know how to use Vanilla, will I be trained?

Absolutely. You will be taught how to navigate and use the platform with 1-2-1 sessions from us. You can include as many or as few members of staff to your training sessions as you wish. We will also continue to support you during the post launch period* and can even quote for additional training after such time. *Click here to see our Support page for details.

If we part ways, will I still receive software updates?

Of course!

I have a certain functionality I would like to add to Vanilla CMS, can you add it to the website?

Of course. As with all complex projects like website building, it’s best if you can let us know during the concept stages if you require any additional features, so that we can ensure that they are built seamlessly into the website during the build process.

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